📬How to claim

A few simple steps to help you claim your $BITBOT.

Claim opens 27th June at 12:00 UTC

Listing in July, Date TBC

1.Connect your wallet

  • Ensure you are on the official Bitbot site (bitbot.tg), as it is the only authorized platform for claiming tokens.

  • Connect the wallet you used to purchase BITBOT tokens.

2. Claim Your Tokens

  • Once your wallet is connected, click the "CLAIM TOKEN IN BITBOT" button.

3.Verify Your Telegram Account

  • Enter your Telegram Username that you intend to use for the claim.

Do not include "@" when entering your Telegram handle.

  • After entering and confirming your Telegram Username, click the "GENERATE CODE" button.

  • After generating the code, click the "COPY CODE" button.

  • If you would like to edit the Telegram Username, click on the pencil icon.

  • When COPIED is displayed, your code has been copied.

  • Make sure the Telegram account you intend to use for the claim is logged into the device you are operating on, then click "OPEN BOT" button.

  • Be sure to interact only with the official bot handle, @Hello_Bitbot. Don’t fall for scams—double-check the account name!

4. Complete the Claim Process

  • After clicking "OPEN BOT" , you will be automatically redirected to Bitbot.

  • Click the "Start" button, directly paste your code and send it to Bitbot.

  • Bitbot will display the quantity of BITBOT tokens and the address containing your claim.

  • Verify this information and then click the "Claim" button.

5. Confirmation

  • Bitbot will immediately transfer your BITBOT tokens to your account.

  • When you see the confirmation interface, your claim process has been successful.

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